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The modern world is becoming more and more focussed on safe data storage, so it’s critical that they’re able to store this information on servers that can handle the pressure.

As a server reseller, we help our customers make an informed, educated choice on their networking and server infrastructure, sourced from leading manufacturers around the world. Working closely with these companies means we’re able to give you the most affordable price for your new equipment.

All our servers come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and our server reselling team utilises years of experience within the industry to help support you throughout the installation, development and deployment of your new server and storage system.

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Our Server Products

  • Disks and tapes
  • External servers
  • Hard drives
  • Memory sticks and cards
  • NAS
  • Network storage
  • Tape drive libraries
  • Tape drivers
  • Portable storage
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As a web design and marketing agency, One2create needed a server that could handle the large number of traffic to their websites. Find out more about their experience with Tektraders below.

“I have been buying computer hardware and software from Tektraders for many years now. The service levels they provide both pre and post sales are second to none, the quality of their merchandise is excellent and their prices are fantastic. Our most recent purchase was a NAS drive which they delivered the next day, perfect recommendation and perfect solution. I would not hesitate to recommend Tektraders to anyone who wants to save money on their IT expenditure.”

David Harris – Director

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Our Reseller


We work closely with manufacturers to give our customer’s a huge range of servers and accessories at the most affordable prices. Due to this commitment to providing exceptional service, our reseller accreditations now include:

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Then please do get in touch with us today; we’ll help find the right equipment for you.